2016 Annual Conference 

THANK YOU to the sponsors, speakers and attendees of the 2016 CHAM Annual Conference.  Your support and participation made this event a huge success!


We had 288 registrants who attended 19 sessions representing 38 states as we explored a variety of issues related to the long-term viability and sustainability of our affordable housing stock.

A listing of the speakers with their company affiliations, along with many of the session presentations, are listed on this page for your review.

Please consider joining us for the 2017 conference! Addtional information will be forthcoming!


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Tom Deyo, NeighborWorks America during opening remarks
Plenary presentation
David Smith, Chairman of Recap Real Estate Advisors during keynote luncheon
Plenary - How Is Our Housing Doing Now? What Does It Take To Reach the Finish Line?
Hal Keller, President of Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing
Having fun!
Conference organizers
OCCH-sponsored reception
Impacting lives - resident stories from Community Properties of Ohio during closing plenary
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Theme for the 2016 CHAM Annual Conference.

June 28-29, 2016

Welcome Plenary

Affordable Housing Market overview followed by discussion about how to analyze your market and stay competitive in it. We have learned that "Build it, and they will come"…or NOT. Concessions, amenities, comps, and tight, attentive management are all asset management tools now.

Harold Nassau | NeighborWorks America

Dan Hogan | Red Capital presentation

Rob Vogt | Vogt Strategic Insights

Blair Kincer I Novogradac

Mark Nightingale | Bank of America

Mike Hynes | Housing Partnership Initiative presentation

Strategies for Overcoming Weak Markets

Weak markets can no longer depend on subsidy for survivial. Hear strategies for resident retention and marketing. What are site managers and leasing staff doing to operate successfully?

Jill Odom | CAHEC

Ian Maute | Buckeye Community Hope Foundation

Rob Curry | Cleveland Housing Network

Kathy Bryan | PathStone

Refi's and Resyndications

Listen in to the discussion between investors and owners on re‐syndications and re‐finance ‐ or how to buy general partner interests.

Lisa Deller | National Equity Fund

Jeff Reed | Community Housing Partners

Tracy Peters | Red Capital

Bob Snow | National Equity Fund

Len Tatem | Tatem Consulting

Strategic Use of Reserves

Replacement and Operating Reserves are scarce and critically important resources. This panel will explore how to strategically think about your reserves to position your project for long‐term success into the extended‐use period.

Jack Geary | Geary Consulting

Geoffrey Lowe | McCormack Baron presentation

David Wilderman | U.S. Department of HUD presentation

Luncheon Keynote Speaker

David Smith, Chairman of Recap Real Estate Advisors, will share his unique insights and perspectives around the important role asset management plays in the affordable housing industry.

David Smith | Recap Real Estate Advisors presentation

Planning for the Worst!

It's real estate. Sometimes really bad things happen beyond your control. This panel offers a case study AND best practices you can adopt today to help you before, during and after a crisis emerges.

Lori Tillis | Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing

David Zurmehly | Homeland presentation

Tara Cotter | Belfor presentation

Michelle Kirda | Belfor presentation

Ben Nichols | Enterprise Community Partners presentation

Discount Double-Check?

Cost containment is today's mantra. What is the real impact of group purchasing? Learn about Housing Partnership Network's new purchasing initiative.

Juana Mejia | JDM Consulting Services

Chris Frederick | HPN Select presentation

Ivy Ellis | HPN Select

Matt McGuire | National Church Residences presentation

The Scales of Justice: Balancing Your Portfolio with Your Organization

Asset Management impacts your organizational balance sheet: strength is defined by how much you can borrow. Investors' perspectives on organizational strength. What does it mean to have your organization credit rated?

Ben Greenberg | Community Housing Capital

Whit Spencer | Enterprise

Katherine Fleming | Bridge Housing

Gayle Harrold | Madison Park DC

In for the Long Haul?

Developing strategies for sustainability at the PORTFOLIO level. Property workouts are often just a symptom. The cure may be organizational change.

Harold Nassau, Neighborworks America

Sam Shuler, Community Housing Network presentation

Yulonda Byrd, Cinnaire

Dana Moore, Compass Advisors

Turning Green Strategies into $$$$$

What is the real impact of 'green' on development and operations? Industry leaders discuss how many $$$ they saved and how they did it.

Clare Rosenberger | NeighborWorks America

Jared Lang | National Housing Trust presentation

Jeff Greenberger | Affordable Community Energy presentation

Kevin Warner | Emerald Cities presentation

Jack Howell | ION Energy Solutions presentation

Mining the Gold: Innovation with Data Analytics

Are you sitting on a gold‐mine of information, but don't know it? See demonstrations of powerful data analytic tools to 'unlock' the power of your data to provide fresh new perspectives about your operations.

John Gordon | Integratec

Tony DiBlasi | Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing presentation

Plenary - How Is Our Housing Doing Now? What Does It Take to Reach the Finish Line?

First, an overview of trends in Affordable Housing performance. Then, in‐depth discussion of what makes a deal AND an organzation sustainable for the long term. CFOs discuss partnership agreements and their implication for asset management roles. Not all 'cash' is equal: fees vs. cash flow.

Beth Mullen | CohnReznick presentation

Gayle Harrold | Madison Park DC

Caroline Horton | Aeon

Valorie Schwarzmann | Homeport

Maximizing NOI

The asset manager's bottom line: a look at how for‐profit AND nonprofit owners and managers drive to maximize NOI.

Judy Weber | Viva Consulting

Jan Peters | Eden Housing presentation

Deborah Welchel | UAH Management

Dena Xifaras | Preservation of Affordable Housing presentation

Emmanuel Hales | Zappling presentation

Talent - Finders, Keepers?

Affordable housing asset management is growing in the nonprofit AND the for‐profit sectors. What career paths are out there for you? What does your organization need to do to attract, nurture and retain talent?

Bill Brett | Volunteers of America

Kirsten Anderson | Community Housing Partners

Ollie Fleet | Specialty Consultants

Strategies to Enhance Resident Stability

Resident stability strengthens the bottom line. Explore new techniques and best practices including how to build renter credit scores, automated rent payments and more.

Brian Blastick | DOZ

Sarah Chenven | Credit Builders Alliance presentation

Isabel Toth | Community Properties of Ohio presentation

Robin Green | Community Properties of Ohio

Mangala Sharma | CommonBond presentation

What Exactly Is a Mixed-Income Housing Community?

Mixed-income properties ARE very different. Leading practitioners and experts discuss implications for asset managers.

Bryan Brown | Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority

Michael Duffy | McCormack Baron presentation

Amy Khare | National Initiative on Mixed-Income Housing presentation

Planning for Year 5 - Yes, Year 5!!! presentation

Year 15 positioning and planning is a key asset manager role. What asset managers, investors and experts should be looking at in time to make a difference.

Andrew Kerivan | Grenwold Real Estate Advisors

Jan McCormick | Northern New England Housing Investment Fund

Beth Mullen | CohnReznick

Blair Kincer | Novogradac


Asset Managing Commercial Space

Increasingly, nonprofit developers are doing commercial development. This session explains key differences from residential management and pitfalls to avoid!

Jacques Logan | National Equity Fund

Judy Graboyes | East Bay Asian Local Development Corp. presentation

Evert Kramer | Michigan Asset Group

Closing Plenary

Ceremony for new CHAM designees and group discussion about our field and the future of CHAM.

Isabel Toth | Community Properties of Ohio (CPO)

Brittany Baumgardner | Resident of CPO

T'nisha Taylor | Resident of CPO

David Fromm | NeighborWorks America

Harold Nassau | NeighborWorks America

Caroline Horton | Aeon

Jacques Logan | National Equity Fund

Tony DiBlasi | Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing